Reserved Method Names

As you may have noticed, Mockery uses a number of methods called directly on all mock objects, for example shouldReceive(). Such methods are necessary in order to setup expectations on the given mock, and so they cannot be implemented on the classes or objects being mocked without creating a method name collision (reported as a PHP fatal error). The methods reserved by Mockery are:

  • shouldReceive()
  • shouldNotReceive()
  • allows()
  • expects()
  • shouldAllowMockingMethod()
  • shouldIgnoreMissing()
  • asUndefined()
  • shouldAllowMockingProtectedMethods()
  • makePartial()
  • byDefault()
  • shouldHaveReceived()
  • shouldHaveBeenCalled()
  • shouldNotHaveReceived()
  • shouldNotHaveBeenCalled()

In addition, all mocks utilise a set of added methods and protected properties which cannot exist on the class or object being mocked. These are far less likely to cause collisions. All properties are prefixed with _mockery and all method names with mockery_.